Attractions in the area

* Mazuroland

children there is a large play area, for larger ones there is a military or shooting range. It is worth seeing the main point which is the thumbnail park. Fun and education park for young and old. For small 

*Rope Park 

It is a new attraction for children in the Mikołajki area. A very well developed rope park, adapted to small and large children, will certainly be a fantastic holiday fun.

*Kadzidlowo Wildlife Park

This is an attraction not only for children. Children as well as adults will surely be delighted with the number of animals in the park. An additional attraction is feeding, among others, goats and donkeys on a clearing.

* cervid farm

A stroll through the pastures on Lake Kuc among the precious and eastern deer is a great way to spend time. The animals on the farm live in large herds with conditions as close to natural as possible. Apart from deer you can also see other animals.

* Forester pranie

The museum is located in the village of Pranie (Pisz County). His collections are dedicated to the person of Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński. The facility is an organizational unit of the Pisz poviat.

* Cruises on the Sniards 

Being in the Masuria region, it is obligatory to see the largest lake in Śniardwy. Apart from watching the lake from the shore, we recommend a 1.5 hour cruise from Mikolajki on Lake Sniardwy. You can also go by water to other places such as Giżycko.

* Observation tower in Mikołajki on the Śniardwy lake 

* Santa Linden

It is a small town located near Kętrzyn. The main attraction is the Marian Sanctuary, to which the faithful come from all over Europe. Due to numerous pilgrimages, the Sanctuary is called „Part of the North”.

* Boyen Fortress

This is a star-shaped fortress in Giżycko. It is an important strategic facility. It is located on a narrow isthmus between Lake Niegocin and Kisajno.